KJV Dictionary Definition: incur


INCUR', v.t. L. incurro, to run against; in and curro, to run.

1. Literally, to run against; hence, to become liable to; to become subject to. Thus, a thief incurs the punishment of the law by the act of stealing, before he is convicted, and we have all incurred the penalties of God's law.

2. To bring on; as, to incur a debt; to incur guilt; to incur the displeasure of God; to incur blame or censure.

3. To occur; to meet; to press on.


INCURABIL'ITY, n. The state of being incurable; impossibility of cure; insusceptibility of cure or remedy.



1. That cannot be cured; not admitting of cure; beyond the power of skill or medicine; as an incurable disease.

2. Not admitting remedy or correction; irremediable; remediless; as incurable evils.

INCU'RABLE, n. A person diseased beyond the reach of cure.


INCU'RABLENESS, n. The state of not admitting cure or remedy.


INCU'RABLY, adv. In a manner or degree that renders cure impracticable.


INCUR'RED, pp. Brought on.


INCUR'RING, ppr. Becoming subject or liable to; bringing on.