KJV Dictionary Definition: impudence


IM'PUDENCE, n. L. impudens; in and pudens, from pudeo, to be ashamed. Shamelessness; want of modesty; effrontery; assurance accompanied with a disregard of the opinions of others.

Those clear truths, that either their own evidence forces us to admit, or common experience makes it impudence to deny.


IM'PUDENT, a. L. impudens. Shameless; wanting modesty; bold with contempt of others; saucy.

When we behold an angel, not to fear

Is to be impudent.


IM'PUDENTLY, adv. Shamelessly; with indecent assurance.

At once assail

With open mouths, and impudently rail.


IMPUDIC'ITY, n. L. impudicitia. Immodesty.