KJV Dictionary Definition: imperial


IMPE'RIAL, a. L.imperialis, from impero, to command. See Emperor.

1. Pertaining to an empire, or to an emperor; as an imperial government; an imperial diadem; imperial authority or edict; imperial power or sway.

2. Royal; belonging to a monarch; as an imperial palace; imperial arts.

3. Pertaining to royalty; denoting sovereignty.

4. Commanding; maintaining supremacy; as the imperial democracy of Athens.

Imperial chamber, the sovereign court of the German empire.

Imperial city, a city in Germany which has no head but the emperor.

Imperial diet,an assembly of all the states of the German empire.


IMPERIAL'ITY, n. Imperial power.

1. The right of an emperor to a share of the produce of mines, &c.

The late empress having by ukases of grace, relinquished her imperialities on the private mines, viz. the tenths of the copper, iron, silver and gold--


IMPE'RIALLY, adv. In a royal manner.


IMPE'RIOUS, a. L. imperiosus.

1. Commanding; dictatorial; haughty; arrogant; overbearing; domineering; as an imperious tyrant; an imperious dictator; an imperious man; an imperious temper.

2. Commanding; indicating an imperious temper; authoritative; as imperious words.

3. Powerful; overbearing; not to be opposed by obstacles; as a man of a vast and imperious mind.

4. Commanding; urgent; pressing; as imperious love; imperious circumstances; imperious appetite.

5. Authoritative; commanding with rightful authority.

The commandment high and imperious in its claims.


IMPE'RIOUSLY, adv. With arrogance of command; with a haughty air of authority; in a domineering manner.

1. With urgency or force not to be opposed.


IMPE'RIOUSNESS, n. Authority; air of command.

1. Arrogance of command; haughtiness.

Imperiousness and severity is an ill way of treating men who have reason to guide them.