KJV Dictionary Definition: ignominious


IGNOMIN'IOUS, a. L. ignominiosus. See Ignominy.

1. Incurring disgrace; cowardly; of mean character.

Then with pale fear surprised,

Fled ignominious.

2. Very shameful; reproachful; dishonorable; infamous. To be hanged for a crime is ignominious. Whipping, cropping and branding are ignominious punishments.

3. Despicable; worthy of contempt; as an ignominious projector.


IGNOMIN'IOUSLY, adv. Meanly; disgracefully; shamefully.


IG'NOMINY, n. L. ignominia; in and nomen, against name or reputation. Public disgrace; shame; reproach; dishonor; infamy.

Their generals have been received with honor after their defeat; yours with ignominy after conquest.

Vice begins in mistake, and ends in ignominy.