KJV Dictionary Definition: ic


OL'IGIST,'IC, a. Gr. least. Oligist iron, so called, is a crystallized tritoxyd of iron.


ICE, n.

1. Water or other fluid congealed, or in a solid state; a solid, transparent, brittle substance, formed by the congelation of a fluid, by means of the abstraction of the heat necessary to preserve its fluidity, or to use language, congealed by cold.

2. Concreted sugar.

To break the ice, is to make the first opening to any attempt; to remove the first obstructions or difficulties; to open the way.

ICE, v.t. To cover with ice; to convert into ice.

1. To cover with concreted sugar; to frost.

2. To chill; to freeze.


I'CING, ppr. Covering with concreted sugar.