KJV Dictionary Definition: hymn


HYMN, n. hym. L. hymnus; Eng. hum.song or ode in honor of God, and among pagans, in honor of some deity. A hymn among christians is a short poem,composed for religious service, or a song of joy and praise to God. The word primarily expresses the tune,but it is used for the ode or poem.

And when the had sung a hymn, they went out to the mount of Olives. Matt.26.

HYMN, v.t. hym. To praise in song; to worship by singing hymns.

1. To sing; to celebrate in song. They hymn their maker's praise.

HYMN, v.i. hym. To sing in praise or adoration.


HYM'NED, pp. Sung; praised; celebrated in song.


HYM'NING, ppr. Praising in song; singing.