KJV Dictionary Definition: husband


HUS'BAND, n. s as z.

1. A man contracted or joined to a woman by marriage. A man to whom a woman is betrothed, as well as one actually united by marriage, is called a husband. Lev.19. Deut.22.

2. In seaman's language, the owner of a ship who manages its concerns in person.

3. The male of animals of a lower order.

4. An economist; a good manager; a man who knows and practices the methods of frugality and profit. In this sense, the word is modified by an epithet; as a good husband; a bad husband. But in America, this application of the word is little or not at all used.

5. A farmer; a cultivator; a tiller of the ground. In this sense, it is not used in America. We always use husbandman.

HUS'BAND, v.t. To direct and manage with frugality in expending any thing; to use or employ in the manner best suited to produce the greatest effect; to use with economy. We say, a man husbands his estate,his means or his time.

He is conscious how ill he has husbanded the great deposit of his Creator.

1. To till; to cultivate with good management.

2. To supply with a husband. Little used.


HUS'BANDABLE, a. Manageable with economy.


HUS'BANDED, pp. Used or managed with economy; well managed.


HUS'BANDING, ppr. Using or managing with frugality.