KJV Dictionary Definition: hunger



1. An uneasy sensation occasioned by the want of food; a craving of food by the stomach; craving appetite. Hunger is not merely want of food, for persons when sick,may abstain long from eating without hunger, or an appetite for food. Hunger therefore is the pain or uneasiness of the stomach of a healthy person, when too long destitute of food.

2. Any strong or eager desire.

For hunger of my gold I die.

HUN'GER, v.i. To feel the pain or uneasiness which is occasioned by long abstinence from food; to crave food.

1. To desire with great eagerness; to long for.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness. Matt.5.

HUN'GER, v.t. To famish. Not in use.


HUN'GERING, ppr. Feeling the uneasiness of want of food; desiring eagerly; longing for; craving.