KJV Dictionary Definition: humiliate


HUMIL'IATE, v.t. L. humilio. To humble; to lower in condition; to depress; as humiliated slaves.


HUMIL'IATED, pp. Humbled; depressed; degraded.


HUMIL'IATING, ppr. Humbling; depressing.

1. Abating pride; reducing self-confidence; mortifying.


HUMILIA'TION, n. The act of humbling; the state of being humbled.

1. Descent from an elevated state or rank to one that is low or humble.

The former was a humiliation of deity; the latter, a humiliation of manhood.

2. The act of abasing pride; or the state of being reduced to lowliness of mind, meekness, penitence and submission.

The doctrine he preached was humiliation and repentance.

3. Abasement of pride; mortification.