KJV Dictionary Definition: horse


HORSE, n. hors.

1. A species of quadrupeds of the genus Equus, having six erect and parallel fore-teeth in the upper jaw, and six somewhat prominent in the under jaw; the dog teeth are solitary, and the feet consist of an undivided hoof. The horse is a beautiful animal, and of great use for draught or conveyance on his back. Horse, in English, is of common gender, and may comprehend the male and female.

2. A constellation.

3. Cavalry; a body of troops serving on horseback. In this sense, it has no plural termination. We say, a thousand horse, a regiment of horse.

4. A machine by which something is supported; usually a wooden frame with legs. Various machines used in the arts are thus called.

5. A wooden machine on which soldiers ride by way of punishment; sometimes called a timber-mare.

6. In seamen's language, a rope extending from the middle of a yard to its extremity, to support the sailors while they loose, reef or furl the sails, also, a thick rope extended near the mast for hoisting a yard or extending a sail on it.

To take horse to set out to ride on horseback.

1. To be covered, as a mare.

HORSE, v.t. To mount on a horse.

1. To carry on the back.

The keeper, horsing a deer.

2. To ride astride; as ridges horsed.

3. To cover a mare, as the male.