KJV Dictionary Definition: honey


HON'EY, n. hun'y.

1. A sweet vegetable juice, collected by bees from the flowers of plants, and deposited in cells of the comb in hives. Honey, when pure, is of a moderate consistence, of a whitish color,tinged with yellow,sweet to the taste, of an agreeable smell, soluble in water, and becoming vinous by fermentation. In medicine, it is useful as a detergent and aperient. It is supposed to consist of sugar, mucilage, and an acid.

2. Sweetness; lusciousness.

The king hath found

Matter against him, that forever mars

The honey of his language.

3. A word of tenderness; sweetness; sweet one.

HON'EY, v.t. To talk fondly. Little used.

1. To sweeten.


HON'EYED, a. Covered with honey.

1. Sweet; as honeyed words.