KJV Dictionary Definition: hell


HELL, n.

1. The place or state of punishment for the wicked after death. Matt.10. Luke 12.

Sin is hell begun, as religion is heaven anticipated.

2. The place of the dead, or of souls after death; the lower regions, or the grave; called in Hebrew, sheol, and by the Greeks, hades. Ps. 16. Jon.2.

3. The pains of hell, temporal death, or agonies that dying persons feel, or which bring to the brink of the grave. Ps.18.

4. The gates of hell, the power and policy of Satan and his instruments. Matt.16.

5. The infernal powers.

While Saul and hell cross'd his strong fate in vain.

6. The place at a running play to which are carried those who are caught.

7. A place into which a tailor throws his shreds.

8. A dungeon or prison.