KJV Dictionary Definition: garnish


G`ARNISH, v.t.

1. To adorn; to decorate with appendages; to set off.

All within with flowers was garnished.

2. To fit with fetters; a cant term.

3. To furnish; to supply; as a fort garnished with troops.

4. In law, to warn; to give notice. See Garnishee.

G`ARNISH, n. Ornament; something added for embellishment; decoration.

Matter and figure they produce;

For garnish this, and that for use.

1. In jails, fetters; a cant term.

2. Pensiuncula carceraria; a fee; an acknowledgment in money when first a prisoner goes to jail.


G`ARNISHED, pp. Adorned; decorated; embellished.

1. Furnished.

2. Warned; notified.


G`ARNISHING, ppr. Adorning; decorating; warning.


G`ARNISHMENT, n. Ornament; embellishment.

1. Warning; legal notice to the agent or attorney of an absconding debtor.

2. A fee.