KJV Dictionary Definition: garden


G`ARDEN, n. Eng. yard, an inclosed place; L. hortus.

1. A piece of ground appropriated to the cultivation of herbs, or plants, fruits and flowers; usually near a mansion-house. Land appropriated to the raising of culinary herbs and roots for domestic use, is called a kitchen-garden; that appropriated to flowers and shrubs is called a flower garden; and that to fruits, is called a fruit garden. But these uses are sometimes blended.

2. A rich, well cultivated spot or tract of country; a delightful spot. The intervals on the river Connecticut are all a garden. Lombardy is the garden of Italy.

Garden, in composition, is used adjectively, as garden-mold, a rich fine mold or soil; garden-tillage,the tillage used in cultivating gardens.

G`ARDEN, v.i. To layout and to cultivate a garden; to prepare ground to plant and till it, for the purpose of producing plants, shrubs, flowers and fruits.


G`ARDENER, n. One whose occupation is to make, tend and dress a garden.


G`ARDENING, ppr. Cultivating or tilling a garden.

G`ARDENING, n. The act of laying out and cultivating gardens; horticulture.