KJV Dictionary Definition: gallery



1. In architecture, a covered part of a building, commonly in the wings, used as an ambulatory or place for walking.

2. An ornamental walk or apartment in gardens, formed by trees.

3. In churches, a floor elevated on columns and furnished with pews or seats; usually ranged on three sides of the edifice. A similar structure in a play-house.

4. In fortification, a covered walk across the ditch of a town, made of beams covered with planks and loaded with earth.

5. In a mine, a narrow passage or branch of the mine carried under ground to a work designed to be blown up.

6. In a ship, a frame like a balcony projecting from the stern or quarter of a ship of war or of a large merchantman. That part at the stern, is called the stern-gallery; that at the quarters,the quarter-gallery.