KJV Dictionary Definition: furnace


FUR'NACE, n. L. fornax, furnus, either from burning, or the sense is an arch.

1. A place where a vehement fire and heat may be made and maintained, for melting ores or metals, &c. A furnace for casting cannon and other large operations is inclosed with walls through which a current of air is blown from a large bellows. In smaller operations a vessel is constructed with a chamber or cavity, with a door and a grate.

2. In scripture, a place of cruel bondage and affliction. Deut. 4.

3. Grievous afflictions by which men are tried. Ezek. 22.

4. A place of temporal torment. Dan. 3.

5. Hell; the place of endless torment. Matt. 13.

FUR'NACE, v.t. To throw out sparks as a furnace.