KJV Dictionary Definition: frustrate


FRUS'TRATE, v.t. L. frustro.

1. Literally, to break or interrupt; hence, to defeat; to disappoint; to balk; to bring to nothing; as, to frustrate a plan, design or attempt; to frustrate the will or purpose.

2. To disappoint; applied to persons.

3. To make null; to nullify; to render of no effect; as, to frustrate a conveyance or deed.

FRUS'TRATE, part. a. Vain; ineffectual; useless; unprofitable; null; void; of no effect.


FRUS'TRATED, pp. Defeated; disappointed; rendered vain or null.


FRUS'TRATING, ppr. Defeating; disappointing; making vain or of no effect.


FRUSTRA'TION, n. The act of frustrating; disappointment; defeat; as the frustration of one's attempt or design.