KJV Dictionary Definition: frost



1. A fluid congealed by cold into ice or crystals; as hoar-frost, which is dew or vapor congealed.

He scattereth the hoar-frost like ashes. Ps. 147.

2. The act of freezing; congelation of fluids.

The third day comes a frost, a killing frost.

3. In physiology, that state or temperature of the air which occasions freezing or the coagelation of water.

4. The appearance of plants sparkling with icy crystals.

FROST, v.t.

1. In cookery, to cover or sprinkle with a composition of sugar, resembling hoar-frost; as, to frost cake.

2. To cover with any thing resembling hoarfrost.



1. Covered with a composition like white frost.

2. a. Having hair changed to a gray or white color, as if covered with hoar-frost; as a head frosted by age.


FROST'ING, ppr. covering with something resembling hoar-frost.

FROST'ING, n. the composition resembling hoar-frost, used to cover cake, &c.