KJV Dictionary Definition: flag


FLAG, v.i. L. flacceo. See Flaccid. The sense is primarily to bend, or rather to recede, to lag.

1. To hang loose without stiffness; to bend down as flexible bodies; to be loose and yielding; as the flagging sails.

2. To grow spiritless or dejected; to droop; to grow languid; as, the spirits flag.

3. To grow weak; to lose vigor; as, the strength flags.

4. To become dull or languid.

The pleasures of the town begin to flag.

FLAG, v.t. To let fall into feebleness; to suffer to drop; as, to flag the wings.

FLAG, n. A flat stone, or a pavement of flat stones.


FLAG'GED, pp. Laid with flat stones.


FLAG'GING, ppr. Growing weak; drooping; laying with flat stones.