KJV Dictionary Definition: ferry


FER'RY, v.t. L. fero; allied to bear.

To carry or transport over a river, strait or other water, in a boat. We ferry men, horses, carriages, over rivers, for a moderate fee or price called fare or ferriage.

FER'RY, v.i. To pass over water in a boat.

FER'RY, n.

1. A boat or small vessel in which passengers and goods are conveyed over rivers or other narrow waters; sometimes called a wherry. This application of the word is, I believe, entirely obsolete, at least in America.

2. The place or passage where boats pass over water to convey passengers.

3. The right of transporting passengers over a lake or stream. A.B. owns the ferry at Windsor. In New England, this word is used in the two latter senses.