KJV Dictionary Definition: father


F'ATHER, n. L. pater. The primary sense is obvious.

1. He who begets a child; in L. genitor or generator.

The father of a fool hath no joy. Prov. 17.

2. The first ancestor; the progenitor of a race or family. Adam was the father of the human race. Abraham was the father of the Israelites.

3. The appellation of an old man, and a term of respect.

The king of Israel said to Elisha, my father shall I smite them? 2Kings 6.

The servants of Naaman call him father. Elderly men are called fathers; as the fathers of a town or city. In the church, men venerable for age, learning and piety are called fathers, or reverend fathers.

4. The grandfather or more remote ancestor. Nebuchadnezzar is called the father of Belshazzar, though he was his grandfather. Dan. 5.



1. Adopted; taken as one's own; ascribed to one as the author.

2. Having had a father of particular qualities.

I am no stronger than my sex, being so father'd and so husbanded. Unusual.


F'ATHERING, ppr. Adopting; taking or acknowledging as one's own; ascribing to the father or author.