KJV Dictionary Definition: fasten


F'ASTEN, v.t. f'asn.

1. To fix firmly; to make fast or close; as, to fasten a chain to the feet, or to fasten the feet with fetters.

2. To lock, bolt or bar; to secure; as, to fasten a door or window.

3. To hold together; to cement or to link; to unite closely in any manner and by any means, as by cement, hooks, pins, nails, cords, &c.

4. To affix or conjoin.

The words Whig and Tory have been pressed to the service of many successions of parties, with different ideas fastened to them. Not common.

5. To fix; to impress.

Thinking, by this face,

To fasten in our thoughts that they have courage.

6. To lay on with strength.

Could he fasten a blow, or make a thrust, when not suffered to approach?

F'ASTEN, v.i. To fasten on, is to fix one's self; to seize and hold on; to clinch.

The leech will hardly fasten on a fish.


F'ASTENED, pp. Made firm or fast; fixed firmly; impressed.


F'ASTENER, n. One that makes fast or firm.


F'ASTENING, ppr. Making fast.

F'ASTENING, n. Any thing that binds and makes fast; or that which is intended for that purpose.