KJV Dictionary Definition: famish


FAM'ISH, v.t. L. fames.

1. To starve; to kill or destroy with hunger.

2. To exhaust the strength of, by hunger or thirst; to distress with hunger.

The pains of famished Tantalus he'll feel.

3. To kill by deprivation or denial of any thing necessary for life.

FAM'ISH, v.i.

1. To die of hunger. More generally,

2. To suffer extreme hunger or thirst; to be exhausted in strength, or to come near to perish, for want of food or drink.

You are all resolved rather to die, than to famish.

3. To be distressed with want; to come near to perish by destitution.

The Lord will not suffer the righteous to famish. Prov. 10.


FAM'ISHED, pp. Starved; exhausted by want of sustenance.


FAM'ISHING, ppr. Starving; killing; perishing by want of food.


FAM'ISHMENT, n. The pain of extreme hunger or thirst; extreme want of sustenance.