KJV Dictionary Definition: fain


FAIN, a.

1. Glad; pleased; rejoiced. but the appropriate sense of the word is, glad or pleased to do something under some kind of necessity; that is, glad to evade evil or secure good. Thus, says Locke, "The learned Castalio was fain to make trenches at Basil, to keep himself from starving." this appropriation of the word, which is modern, led Dr. Johnson into a mistake in defining the word. The proper signification is glad, joyful.

FAIN, adv. Gladly; with joy or pleasure.

He would fain flee out of his hand. Job 28.

He would fain have filled his belly with husks. Luke 15.

FAIN, v.i. to wish or desire. Not used.


FA'INING, ppr. wishing; desiring fondly.

In his faining eye.