KJV Dictionary Definition: expirable


EXPI'RABLE, a. from expire. That may expire; that may come to an end.


EXPIRA'TION, n. L. expiratio, from expiro. See Expire.

1. The act of breathing out, or forcing the air from the lungs. Respiration consists of expiration and inspiration.

2. The last emission of breath; death.

3. The emission of volatile matter from any substance; evaporation; exhalation; as the expiration of warm air from the earth.

4. Matter expired; exhalation; vapor; fume.

5. Cessation; close; end; conclusion; termination of a limited time; as the expiration of a month or year; the expiration of a term of years; the expiration of a lease; the expiration of a contract or agreement.


EXPI'RE, v.t. L. expiro, for exspiro; ex and spiro, to breathe.

1. To breathe out; to throw out the breath from the lungs; opposed to inspire. We expire air at every breath.

2. To exhale; to emit in minute particles, as a fluid or volatile matter. The earth expires a damp or warm vapor; the body expires fluid matter from the pores; plants expire odors.

3. To conclude.

EXPI'RE, v.i. To emit the last breath, as an animal; to die; to breathe the last.

1. To perish; to end; to fail or be destroyed; to come to nothing; to be frustrated.

With the loss of battle all his hopes of empire expired.

2. To fly out; to be thrown out with force. Unusual.

The ponderous ball expires.

3. To come to an end; to cease; to terminate; to close or conclude,as a given period. A lease will expire on the first of May. The year expires on Monday. The contract will expire at Michaelmas. The days had not expired.

When forty years had expired. Act 7.


EXPI'RING, ppr. Breathing out air from the lungs; emitting fluid or volatile matter; exhaling; breathing the last breath; dying; ending; terminating.

1. Pertaining to or uttered at the time of dying; as expiring words; expiring groans.