KJV Dictionary Definition: excess


EXCESS', n. L. excessus, from excedo. See Exceed.

1. Literally, that which exceeds any measure or limit, or which exceeds something else, or a going beyond a just line or point. Hence, superfluity; that which is beyond necessity or wants; as an excess of provisions; excess of light.

2. That which is beyond the common measure, proportion, or due quantity; as the excess of a limb; the excess of bile in the system.

3. Super abundance of any thing.

4. Any transgression of due limits.

5. In morals, any indulgence of appetite, passion or exertion, beyond the rules of God's word, or beyond any rule of propriety; intemperance in gratifications; as excess in eating or drinking; excess of joy; excess of grief; excess of love, or of anger; excess of labor.

6. In arithmetic and geometry, the difference between any two unequal numbers or quantities; that which remains when the lesser number or quantity is taken from the greater.


EXCESS'IVE, a. Beyond any given degree, measure or limit, or beyond the common measure or proportion; as the excessive bulk of a man; excessive labor; excessive wages.

1. Beyond the established laws of morality and religion, or beyond the bounds of justice, fitness, propriety, expedience or utility; as excessive indulgence of any kind.

Excessive bail shall not be required.

2. Extravagant; unreasonable. His expenditures of money were excessive.

3. Vehement; violent; as excessive passion.


EXCESS'IVELY, adv. In an extreme degree; beyond measure; exceedingly; as excessively impatient; excessively grieved.

1. Vehemently; violently; as, the wind blew excessively.


EXCESS'IVENESS, n. The state or quality of being excessive; excess.