KJV Dictionary Definition: exceedable


EXCEE'DABLE, a. That may surmount or exceed.


EXCEE'DED, pp. Excelled; surpassed; outdone.


EXCEE'DER, n. One who exceeds or passes the bounds of fitness.


EXCEE'DING, ppr. Going beyond; surpassing; excelling; outdoing.

1. Great in extent, quantity or duration; very extensive.

Cities were built an exceeding space of time before the flood. This sense is unusual.

2. adv. In a very great degree; unusually; as exceeding rich.

The Genoese were exceeding powerful by sea.

I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward. Gen.15.

EXCEE'DING, n. Excess; superfluity.


EXCEE'DINGLY, adv. To a very great degree; in a degree beyond what is usual; greatly; very much.

Isaac trembled exceedingly. Gen.27.