KJV Dictionary Definition: examinable


EXAM'INABLE, a. See Examine. That may be examined; proper for judicial examination or inquiry.


EXAM'INANT, n. One who is to be examined. Not legitimate.


EXAM'INATE, n. The person examined.


EXAMINA'TION, n. L. examinatio. See Examen.

1. The act of examining; a careful search or inquiry, with a view to discover truth or the real state of things; careful and accurate inspection of a thing and its parts; as an examination of a house or a ship.

2. Mental inquiry; disquisition; careful consideration of the circumstances or facts which relate to a subject or question; a view of qualities and relations, and an estimate of their nature and importance.

3. Trial by a rule or law.

4. In judicial proceedings, a careful inquiry into facts by testimony; an attempt to ascertain truth by inquiries and interrogatories; as the examination of a witness or the merits of a cause.

5. In seminaries of learning, an inquiry into the acquisitions of the students, by questioning them in literature and the sciences, and by hearing their recitals.

6. In chimistry and other sciences, a searching for the nature and qualities of substances, by experiments; the practice or application of the docimastic art.


EXAM'INATOR, n. An examiner. Not used.


EXAM'INE, v.t. egzam'in. L. examino, from examen.

1. To inspect carefully, with a view to discover truth or the real state of a thing; as, to examine a ship to know whether she is sea-worthy, or a house to know whether repairs are wanted.

2. To search or inquire into facts and circumstances by interrogating; as, to examine a witness.

3. To look into the state of a subject; to view in all its aspects; to weigh arguments and compare facts, with a view to form a correct opinion or judgment. Let us examine this proposition; let us examine this subject in all its relations and bearing; let us examine into the state of this question.

4. To inquire into the improvements or qualifications of students, by interrogatories, proposing problems, or by hearing their recitals; as, to examine the classes in college; to examine the candidates for a degree, or for a license to preach or to practice in a profession.

5. To try or assay by experiments; as, to examine minerals.

6. To try by a rule or law.

Examine yourselves whether ye are in the faith. 2 Cor.13.

7. In general, to search; to scrutinize; to explore, with a view to discover truth; as, to examine ourselves; to examine the extent of human knowledge.


EXAM'INED, pp. Inquired into; searched; inspected; interrogated; tried by experiment.


EXAM'INER, n. One who examines, tries or inspects; one who interrogates a witness or an offender.

1. In chancery, in Great Britain, the Examiners are two officers of that court, who examine, on oath, the witnesses for the parties.


EXAM'INING, ppr. Inspecting carefully; searching or inquiring into; interrogating; trying or assaying by experiment.