KJV Dictionary Definition: evene


EVE'NE, v.i. L. evenio. To happen. Not in use.


E'VENED, pp. Made even or level.


E'VENER, n. One that makes even.


E'VENING, n. See Eve, Even. The latter part and close of the day, and the beginning of darkness or night; properly the decline or fall of the day, or of the sun.

The evening and the morning were the first day. Gen.1.

The precise time when evening begins, or when it ends, is not ascertained by usage. The word often includes a part at least of the afternoon, and indeed the whole afternoon; as in the phrase, "The morning and evening service of the sabbath." In strictness, evening commences at the setting of the sun, and continues during twilight, and night commences with total darkness. But in customary language, the evening extends to bed-time, whatever that time may be. Hence we say, to spend an evening with a friend; an evening visit.

1. The decline or latter part of life. We say, the evening of life, or of one's days.

2. The decline of any thing; as the evening of glory.

E'VENING, a. Being at the close of day; as the evening sacrifice.


E'VENNESS, n. The state of being even, level or smooth; equality of surface.

1. Uniformity; regularity; as evenness of motion.

2. Freedom from inclination to either side; equal distance from either extreme.

3. Horizontal position; levelness of surface; as the evenness of a fluid at rest.

4. Impartiality between parties; equal respect.

5. Calmness; equality of temper; freedom from perturbation; a state of mind not subject to elevation or depression; equanimity.