KJV Dictionary Definition: ether


E'THER, n. L. oether; Gr. to burn, to shine; Eng. weather.

1. A thin, subtil matter, much finer and rarer than air, which, some philosophers suppose, begins from the limits of the atmosphere and occupies the heavenly space.

There fields of light and liquid ether flow.

2. In chimistry, a very light, volatile and inflammable fluid, produced by the distillation of alcohol or rectified spirit of wine, with an acid. It is lighter than alcohol, of a strong sweet smell, susceptible of great expansion, and of a pungent taste. It is so volatile, that when shaken it is dissipated in an instant.


ETHE'REAL, a. Formed of ether; containing or filled with ether; as ethereal space; ethereal regions.

1. Heavenly; celestial; as ethereal messenger.

2. Consisting of ether or spirit.

Vast chain of being, which from God began,

Natures ethereal, human, angel, man.


ETHE'REOUS, a. Formed of ether; heavenly.


E'THERIZE, v.t. To convert into ether.


E'THERIZED, pp. Converted into ether.


E'THERIZING, ppr. Converting into ether.