KJV Dictionary Definition: enterprise


EN'TERPRISE, n. s as z. That which is undertaken, or attempted to be performed; an attempt; a project attempted; particularly, a bold, arduous or hazardous undertaking, either physical or moral. The attack on Stoney-Point was a bold, but successful enterprise. The attempts to evangelize the heathen are noble enterprises.

Their hands cannot perform their enterprise. Job.5.

EN'TERPRISE, v.t. To undertake; to begin and attempt to perform.

The business must be enterprised this night.


EN'TERPRISED, pp. Undertaken; attempted; essayed.


EN'TERPRISER, n. An adventurer; one who undertakes any projected scheme, especially a bold or hazardous one; a person who engages in important or dangerous designs.


EN'TERPRISING, ppr. Undertaking, especially a bold design.

1. Bold or forward to undertake; resolute, active, or prompt to attempt great or untried schemes. Enterprising men often succeed beyond all human probability.