KJV Dictionary Definition: enrich


ENRICH', v.t.

1. To make rich, wealthy or opulent; to supply with abundant property. Agriculture, commerce and manufactures enrich a nation. War and plunder seldom enrich, more generally they impoverish a country.

2. To fertilize; to supply with the nutriment of plants and render productive; as, to enrich land by manures or irrigation.

3. To store; to supply with an abundance of any thing desirable; as, to enrich the mind with knowledge, science or useful observations.

4. To supply with any thing splendid or ornamental; as, to enrich a pointing with elegant drapery; to enrich a poem or oration with striking metaphors or images; to enrich a garden with flowers or shrubbery.


ENRICH'ED, pp. Made rich or wealthy; fertilized; supplied with that which is desirable, useful or ornamental.


ENRICH'ER, n. One that enriches.


ENRICH'ING, ppr. Making opulent; fertilizing; supplying with what is splendid, useful or ornamental.


ENRICH'MENT, n. Augmentation of wealth; amplification; improvement; the addition of fertility or ornament.