KJV Dictionary Definition: enlighten


ENLI'GHTEN, v.t. enli'tn. from light.

1. To make light; to shed light on; to supply with light; to illuminate; as, the sun enlightens the earth.

His lightnings enlightened the world. Ps.97.

2. To quicken in the faculty of vision; to enable to see more clearly.

Jonathan's--eyes were enlightened. 1 Sam. 14.

3. To give light to; to give clearer views; to illuminate; to instruct; to enable to see or comprehend truth; as, to enlighten the mind or understanding.

4. To illuminate with divine knowledge, or a knowledge of the truth.

Those who were once enlightened. Heb.6.


ENLI'GHTENED, pp. Rendered light; illuminated; instructed; informed; furnished with clear views.


ENLI'GHTENER, n. One who illuminates; he or that which communicates light to the eye, or clear views to the mind.


ENLI'GHTENING, ppr. Illuminating; giving light to; instructing.