KJV Dictionary Definition: engine


EN'GINE, n. L. ingenium.

1. In mechanics, a compound machine, or artificial instrument, composed of different parts, and intended to produce some effect by the help of the mechanical powers; as a pump, a windlas, a capstan, a fire engine, a steam engine.

2. A military machine; as a battering ram, &c.

3. Any instrument; that by which any effect is produced. An arrow, a sword, a musket is an engine of death.

4. A machine for throwing water to extinguish fire.

5. Means; any thing used to effect a purpose.

6. An agent for another; usually in an ill sense.


ENGINEE'R, n. In the military art, a person skilled in mathematics and mechanics, who forms plans of works for offense or defense, and marks out the ground for fortifications. Engineers are also employed in delineating plans and superintending the construction of other public works, as aqueducts and canals. The latter are called civil engineers.

1. One who manages engines or artillery.