KJV Dictionary Definition: embrace


EMBRA'CE, v.t.

1. To take, clasp or inclose in the arms; to press to the bosom, in token of affection.

Paul called to him the disciples and embraced them. Act.20.

2. To seize eagerly; to lay hold on; to receive or take with willingness that which is offered; as, to embrace the christian religion; to embrace the opportunity of doing a favor.

3. To comprehend; to include or take in; as, natural philosophy embraces many sciences.

4. To comprise; to inclose;to encompass; to contain; to encircle.

Low at his feet a spacious plain is placed,

Between the mountain and the stream embraced.

5. To receive; to admit.

6. To find; to take; to accept.

Fleance--must embrace the fate

Of that dark hour.

7. To have carnal intercourse with.

8. To put on.

9. To attempt to influence a jury corruptly.

EMBRA'CE, v.i. To join in an embrace.

EMBRA'CE, n. Inclosure or clasp with the arms; pressure to the bosom with the arms.

1. Reception of one thing into another.

2. Sexual intercourse; conjugal endearment.


EMBRA'CED, pp. Inclosed in the arms; clasped to the bosom; seized; laid hold on; received; comprehended; included; contained; accepted.

1. Influenced corruptly; biassed; as a juror.


EMBRA'CEMENT, n. A clasp in the arms; a hug; embrace.

1. Hostile hug; grapple. Little used.

2. Comprehension; state of being contained; inclosure. Little used.

3. Conjugal endearment; sexual commerce.

4. Willing acceptance. Little used.


EMBRA'CER, n. The person who embraces.

1. One who attempts to influence a jury corruptly.


EMBRA'CING, ppr. Clasping in the arms; pressing to the bosom; seizing and holding; comprehending; including; receiving; accepting; having conjugal intercourse.

1. Attempting to influence a jury corruptly.