KJV Dictionary Definition: embalm


EMB'ALM, v.t. emb'am.

1. To open a dead body, take out the intestines,and fill their place with odoriferous and desiccative spices and drugs, to prevent its putrefaction.

Joseph commanded his servants, the physicians, to embalm his father; and the physicians embalmed Israel. Gen.1.

2. To fill with sweet scent.

3. To preserve,with care and affection, from loss or decay.

The memory of my beloved daughter is embalmed in my heart.

Virtue alone, with lasting grace,

Embalms the beauties of the face.


EMB`ALMED, pp. Filled with aromatic plants for preservation; preserved from loss or destruction.


EMB`ALMER, n. One who embalms bodies for preservation.


EMB`ALMING, ppr. Filling a dead body with spices for preservation; preserving with care from loss, decay or destruction.