KJV Dictionary Definition: easiness


E'ASINESS, n. Freedom from difficulty; ease.

Easiness and difficulty are relative terms.

1. Flexibility; readiness to comply; prompt compliance; a yielding or disposition to yield without opposition or reluctance.

Give to him, and he shall but laugh at your easiness.

So we say, a man's easiness of temper is remarkable.

2. Freedom from stiffness, constraint, effort or formality; applied to manners or to the style of writing.

3. Rest; tranquillity; ease; freedom from pain.

4. Freedom from shaking or jolting,as of a moving vehicle.

5. Softness; as the easiness of a seat.


E'ASY, a. s as z. See Ease. Quiet;being at rest; free from pain, disturbance or annoyance. The patient has slept well and is easy.

1. Free from anxiety, care, solicitude or peevishness; quiet; tranquil; as an easy mind.

2. Giving no pain or disturbance; as an easy posture; an easy carriage.

3. Not difficult; that gives or requires no great labor or exertion; that presents no great obstacles; as an easy task. It is often more easy to resolve, than to execute.

Knowledge is easy to him that understandeth. Prov.14.

4. Not causing labor or difficulty. An easy ascent or slope, is a slope rising with a small angle.

5. Smooth; not uneven; not rough or very hilly; that may be traveled with ease; as an easy road.

6. Gentle; moderate; not pressing; as a ship under easy sail.

7. Yielding with little or no resistance; complying; credulous.

With such deceits he gained their easy hearts.

8. Ready; not unwilling; as easy to forgive.

9. Contented; satisfied. Allow hired men wages that will make them easy.

10. Giving ease; freeing from labor, care or the fatigue of business; furnishing abundance without toil; affluent; as easy circumstances; an easy fortune.

11. Not constrained; not stiff or formal; as easy manners; an easy address; easy movements in dancing.

12. Smooth; flowing; not harsh; as an easy style.

13. Not jolting; as, the horse has an easy gait.

14. Not heavy or burdensome.

My yoke is easy, and my burden light. Matt.11.