KJV Dictionary Definition: earliness


EARLINESS, n. er'liness. See Early and Ere.

A state of advance or forwardness; a state of being before anything, or at the beginning; as the earliness of rising in the morning is a rising at the dawn of the morning, or before the usual time of rising. So we speak of the earliness of spring, or the earliness of plants, to express a state somewhat in advance of the usual time of spring, or growth of plants.


EARLY, a. er'ly. Eng.ere.

1. In advance of something else; prior in time; forward; as early fruit, that is, fruit that comes to maturity before other fruit; early growth; early manhood; early old age or decrepitude, that is, premature old age. So an early spring; an early harvest.

2. First; being at the beginning; as early dawn.

3. Being in good season; as, the court met at an early hour.

EARLY, adv. er'ly. Soon; in good season; betimes; as, rise early; come early; begin early to instill into children principles of piety.

Those who seek me early shall find me. Prov.8.