KJV Dictionary Definition: dole


DOLE, n. See Deal.

1. The act of dealing or distributing; as the power of dole and donative. Not in use.

2. That which is dealt or distributed; a part, share or portion.

3. That which is given in charity; gratuity.

4. Blows dealt out.

5. Boundary. Not in use.

6. A void space left in tillage. Local.

DOLE, n. L., pain, grief. Grief; sorrow.

DOLE, v.t. To deal; to distribute. Not used.


DOLEFUL, a. dole and full.

1. Sorrowful; expressing grief; as a doleful whine; a doleful cry.

2. Melancholy; sad; afflicted; as a doleful sire.

3. Dismal; impressing sorrow; gloomy; as doleful shades.


DOLEFULNESS, n. Sorrow; melancholy; querulousness; gloominess; dismalness.