KJV Dictionary Definition: diver



1. One who dives; one who plunges head first into water; one who sinks by effort; as a diver in the pearl fishery.

2. One who goes deep into a subject, or enters deep into study.

3. A fowl, so called from diving. The name is given to several species of the genus Colymbus.


DIVERS, a. S as z. L., to turn.

1. Different; various.

Thou shalt not sow thy fields with divers seeds. Deuteronomy 21.

Nor let thy cattle gender with divers kinds. Leviticus 19.

This is now generally written diverse.

2. Several; sundry; more than one, but not a great number. We have divers examples of this kind. This word is not obsolete even in common discourse, and is much used in law proceedings.