KJV Dictionary Definition: dissemblance


DISSEMBLANCE, n. dis and semblance. Want of resemblance. Little used.



1. To hide under a false appearance; to conceal; to disguise; to pretend that not to be which really is; as, I will not dissemble the truth; I cannot dissemble my real sentiments. This is the proper sense of this word.

2. To pretend that to be which is not; to make a false appearance of. This is the sense of simulate.

Your son Lucentio doth love my daughter, and she loveth him, or both dissemble deeply their affections.

DISSEMBLE, v.i. To be hypocritical; to assume a false appearance; to conceal the real fact, motives, intention or sentiments under some pretense.

Ye have stolen and dissembled also. Joshua 7.

He that hateth, dissembleth with his lips. Proverbs 26.


DISSEMBLED, pp. Concealed under a false appearance; disguised.


DISSEMBLER, n. One who dissembles; a hypocrite; one who conceals his opinions or dispositions under a false appearance.


DISSEMBLING, ppr. Hiding under a false appearance; acting the hypocrite.


DISSEMBLINGLY, adv. With dissimulation; hypocritically; falsely.