KJV Dictionary Definition: disallow


DISALLOW, v.t. dis and allow. To refuse permission, or not to permit; not to grant; not to make or suppose lawful; not to authorize; to disapprove. God disallows that Christians should conform to the immoral practices of the world. A good man disallows every kind of profaneness.

2. To testify dislike or disapprobation; to refuse assent.

But if her father shall disallow her int he day that he heareth, not nay of her vows or her bonds--shall stand. Numbers 30.

3. Not to approve; not to receive; to reject.

To whom coming, as to a living stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God, and precious. 1 Peter 2.

4. Not to allow or admit as just; to reject; as, to disallow an account or charge.


DISALLOWABLE, a. Not allowable; not to be suffered.


DISALLOWANCE, n. Disapprobation; refusal to admit or permit; prohibition; rejection.


DISALLOWED, pp. Not granted, permitted or admitted; disapproved; rejected.


DISALLOWING, ppr. Not permitting; not admitting; disapproving; rejecting.