KJV Dictionary Definition: destruct


DESTRUCT, fro destroy, is not used.


DESTRUCTIBILITY, n. The quality of being capable of destruction.


DESTRUCTIBLE, a. L. Liable to destruction; capable of being destroyed.



1. The act of destroying; demolition; a pulling down; subversion; ruin, by whatever means; as the destruction of buildings, or of towns. Destruction consists in the annihilation of the form of any theing; that form of parts which constitues it what it is; as the destruction of grass or herbage by eating; of a forest, by cutting down the trees; or it denotes a total annihilation; as the destruction of a particular government; the destruction of happiness.

2. Death; murder; slaughter; massacre.

There was a deadly destruction throughout all the city. 1 Sam. 5.

3. Ruin.

Destruction and misery are in their ways. Rom. 3.

4. Eternal death.

Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction. Matt. 7.

5. Cause of destruction; a consuming plague; a destroyer.

The destruction that wasteth at noon-day. Ps. 91.


DESTRUCTIVE, a. Causing destruction; having the quality of destroying; ruinous; mischievous; pernicious; with of or to; as a destructive fire or famine. Intemperance is destructive of health; evil examples are destructive to the morals of youth.


DESTRUCTIVELY, adv. With destruction; ruinously; mischievously; with power to destroy; as destructively lewd or intemperate.


DESTRUCTIVENESS, n. The quality of destroying or ruining.