KJV Dictionary Definition: desperate


DESPERATE, a. L. To despair.

1. Without hope.

I am desperate of obtaining her.

2. Without care of safety; rash; fearless of danger; as a desperate man. Hence,

3. Furious, as a man in despair.

4. Hopeless; despaired of; lost beyond hope of recovery; irretrievable; irrecoverable; forlorn. We speak of a desperate case of disease, desperate fortunes, a desperate situation or condition.

5. In a popular sense, great in the extreme; as a desperate sot or fool.



1. In a desperate manner; as in despair; hence, furiously; with rage; madly; without regard to danger or safety; as, the troops fought desperately.

2. In a popular sense, greatly; extremely; violently.

She fell desperately in love with him.


DESPERATENESS, n. Madness; fury; rash precipitance.



1. A despairing; a giving up of hope; as desperation of success.

2. Hopelessness; despair; as, the men were in a state of desperation. Hence,

3. Fury; rage; disregard of safety or danger; as, the men fought with desperation; they were urged to desperation.