KJV Dictionary Definition: degenerate


DEGENERATE, v.i. L. Grown worse, ignoble, base.

1. To become worse; to decay in good qualities; to pass from a good to a bad or worse state; to lose or suffer a diminution of valuable qualities, either in the natural or moral world. In the natural world, plants and animals degenerate when they grow to a less size than usual, or lose a part of the valuable qualities which belong to the species. In the moral world, men degenerate when they decline in virtue, or other good qualities. Manners degenerate when they become corrupt. Wit may degenerate into indecency or impiety.


1. Having fallen from a perfect or good state into a less excellent or worse state; having lost something of the good qualities possessed; having declined in natural or moral worth.

The degenerate plant of a strange vine. Jer. 2.

2. Low; base; mean; corrupt; fallen from primitive or natural excellence; having lost the good qualities of the species. Man is considered a degenerate being. A coward is a man of degenerate spirit.


DEGENERATELY, adv. In a degenerate or base manner.


DEGENERATENESS, n. A degenerate state; a state in which the natural good qualities of the species are decayed or lost.



1. A growing worse, or losing of good qualities; a decline from the virtue and worth of ancestors; a decay of the natural good qualities of the species; a falling from a more excellent state to one of less worth, either in the natural or moral world.

2. The thing degenerated.



1. Degenerated; fallen from a state of excellence, or from the virtue and merit of ancestors. Hence,

2. Low; base; mean; unworthy; as a degenerous passion.


DEGENEROUSLY, adv. In a degenerous manner; basely; meanly.