KJV Dictionary Definition: dash


DASH, v.t.

1. To strike suddenly or violently, whether throwing or falling; as, to dash one stone against another.

Lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Matt. iv.

2. To strike and bruise or break; to break by collision; but usually with the words, in pieces.

Thou shalt dash them in pieces, as a potter's vessel. Ps. ii.

3. To throw water suddenly, in separate portions; as, to dash water on the head.

4. To bespatter; to sprinkle; as, to dash a garment.

5. To strike and break or disperse.

At once the brushing oars and brazen prow dash up the sandy waves, and ope the depth below. Dryden.

6. To mix and reduce or adulterate by throwing in another substance; as, to dash wine with water; the story is dashed with fables.

7. To form or sketch out in haste, carelessly.

8. To erase at a stroke; to strike out to blot out or obliterate; as, to dash out a line or word.

9. To break; to destroy; to frustrate; as, to dash all their schemes and hopes.

10. To confound; to confuse; to put to shame; to abash; to depress by shame or fear; as, he was dashed at the appearance of the judge.

Dash the proud gamester in his gilded car. Pope.

DASH, v.i.

1. To strike, break, scatter and fly off; as, agitate water and it will dash over the sides of a vessel; the waves dashed over the side of the ship.

2. To rush, strike and break or scatter; as, the waters dash down the precipice.

3. To rush with violence, and break through; as, he dashed into the enemy's ranks; or he dashed through thick and thin.

DASH, n.

1. Collision; a violent striking of two bodies; as the dash of clouds.

2. Infusion; admixture; something thrown into another substance; as, the wine has a dash of water.

Innocence, with a dash of folly. Addison.

3. Admixture; as, red with a dash of purple.

4. a rushing, or onset with violence; as, to make a dash upon the enemy.

5. A sudden stroke; a blow; an act.

She takes upon her bravely at first dash. Shak.

6. A flourish; blustering parade; as, the young fop made a dash.

7. A mark or line in writing or printing, noting a break or stop in the sentence; as in Virgil, quos ego-: or a pause; or the division of the sentence.


DASH'ED, pp. Struck violently; driven against; bruised, broken or scattered by collision; besprinkled; mixed or adulterated; erased, blotted out; broken; cast down; confounded; abashed.


DASH'ING, ppr.

1. Driving and striking against; striking suddenly or violently; breaking or scattering by collision; infusing; mixing; confounding; blotting out; rushing.

2. a. Rushing; driving; blustering; as a dashing fellow.

3. a. Precipitate; rushing carelessly on.