KJV Dictionary Definition: cure


CURE, n. L., to cure, to take care, to prepare.

1. A healing; the act of healing; restoration to health from disease, and to soundness from a wound. We say, a medicine will effect a cure.

2. Remedy for disease; restorative; that which heals.

Colds, hunger, prisons, ills without a cure.

3. The employment of a curate; the care of souls; spiritual charge.

CURE, v.t. L. See the Noun.

1. To heal, as a person diseased or a wounded limb; to restore to health, as the body, or to soundness, as a limb.

The child was cured from that very hour. Matthew 17.

2. To subdue, remove, destroy or put an end to; to heal, as a disease.

Christ gave his disciples power to cure diseases. Luke 9.

When the person and the disease are both mentioned, cure is followed by of before the disease. The physician cured the man of his fever.

3. To remedy; to remove an evil, and restore to a good state.

Patience will alleviate calamities, which cannot cure.

4. To dry; to prepare for preservation; as, to cure hay; or to prepare by salt, or in any manner, so as to prevent speedy putrefaction; as, to cure fish or beef.


CURED, pp. Healed; restored to health or soundness; removed, as a disease; remedied; dried, smoked, or otherwise prepared for preservation.


CURING, ppr. Healing; restoring to health or soundness; removing, as an evil; preparing for preservation.