KJV Dictionary Definition: crop


CROP, n. G., L. The crop of a fowl, and a crop of grain or hay are consistently the same word.

1. The first stomach of a fowl; the craw.

2. The top or highest part of a thing; the end. Not in use.

3. That which is gathered; the corn, or fruits of the earth collected; harvest. The word includes every species of fruit or produce, gathered for man or beast.

4. Corn and other cultivated plants while growing; a popular use of the word.

5. Any thing cut off or gathered.

6. Hair cut close or short.

CROP, v.t.

1. To cut off the ends of any thing; to eat off; to pull off; to pluck; to mow; to reap; as, to crop flowers, trees, or grass. Man crops trees or plants with an instrument, or with his fingers; a beast crops with his teeth.

2. To cut off prematurely; to gather before it falls.

While force our youth, like fruits, untimely crops.

CROP, v.i. To yield harvest. Not in use.


CROPFUL, a. Having a full crop or belly; satiated.


CROPPED, CROPT, pp. Cut off; plucked; eaten off; reaped, or mowed.


CROPPING, ppr. Cutting off; pulling off; eating off; reaping, or mowing.


1. The act of cutting off.

2. The raising of crops.