KJV Dictionary Definition: cripple


CRIPPLE, n. G. A lame person; primarily, one who creeps, halts or limps; one who has lost, or never enjoyed the use of his limbs. Acts 14.

The word may signify one who is partially or totally disabled from using his limbs.

See the blind beggar dance, the cripple sing.

CRIPPLE, a. Lame.


1. To lame; to deprive of the use of the limbs, particularly of the legs and feet.

2. To disable; to deprive of the power of exertion. We say, a fleet was crippled in the engagement.


CRIPPLED, pp. Lamed; rendered impotent in the limbs; disabled.


CRIPPLENESS, n. Lameness.


CRIPPLING, ppr. Laming; depriving of the use of the limbs; disabling.