KJV Dictionary Definition: convey


CONVEY, v.t. L., to carry; to weigh. See Weigh and Way.

1. To carry , bear or transport, either by land or water, or in air; as, to convey a letter or a package; to convey goods from England to France.

2. To pass or cause to pass; to transmit; as, to convey a right or an estate from father to son.

3. To transfer; to pass a title to any thing from one person to another, as by deed, assignment or otherwise; as, to convey lands by bargain and sale.

4. To cause to pass; to transmit; to carry, by any medium; as, air conveys sound; words convey ideas.

5. To manage; to carry on. Not used.

I will convey the business as I shall find means.

6. To impart; to communicate.


CONVEYING, ppr. Carrying; transporting; transferring.